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Rot in the system

November 4, 2013

A lot of rot has set into the system wherein there is no time to stand and stare.There is no way you can think of solutions every moment.This is the problem.The problems of Dekhi can be solved at home.There are enough intelligent citizens already in this pursuit but not in the ranks of the power wielding.

Pathetic to know but that is the story.

The middle class are well grounded and have values for life but when trampled and subjected from focus all around they buckle under pressure and hive in.They lose control on their own children because the system dictates something else other than what the parents want from their children.

EDUCATION is different today and carries a different weightage. It does’ nt make q parent or a grand parent proud but the cool or institution where he is. The focus has shifted.The school wants the children to behave and grow up like the rich.The parents gall in line.Abysmal proportions.Your town or village values don’t gel with those living in Delhi mo matter how honorable they are.Honor is what you get and when become rich and occupy positions of authority in delhi. The intervening time and space is of n o consequence.You can choose quick route and make a quick buck and you arrive there.The whole education pattern has erased the ethical content and has become short sighted in the process.It somehow convinces everyone.That is the tragedy.


We have now tow to live in this tragic city for we have arrived one fine morning with a hope and have to continue perforce in this cauldron of a city without a voice.There is no human force which can transmogrify the state.British were better but kept us ignorant.They provided for the citizens one way and looted the other way.They pampered few and just fed the rest.They ruled with a firm fist .

But after their departure some ape the British in controlling the rest and keeping them ignorant.Same story come full circle.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


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