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My Brother

April 6, 2013

This woman from a village background is forced to marry the brother of  her late husband as there is a unwritten law in the community for the brother of the deceased man to have right of way in taking the widow under hi s fold .although there is a muted ceremony to seal the marriage it is something binding on the widow which itself was a sort of a crime against a widow.

There was not the usual well being in this kind of a relationship but an ever present suspicion hanging in the air with a daughter from the first marriage and a son from the next.

Life moved on with the attendant trauma of carrying this heavy mental baggage though there was money there was not the peace at home.Differences cropped up in the bringing up of the two children and the individual prefences of the two parents and their priorities and affections divided between the first and the second  marriages.

The woman could never get out of it because the man had a lopsided view of the matter of extending the affections to each of the child.

Matters came to a head and there was violence soon .Physically battered and  traumatised and unable to get along with the daily dose of difficulties she decides to take the bull by the horns.But she requires a man to da that.Not finding any source from her family or community to stand up against a bully in the city she approaches the employer of her husband.

The employer appreciates her courage to express to a stranger at the same time does not take sides but informs her of the high value of her professional husband to the company and his indispensability but assures her  to rectify his twin personality.Soon he gets down to the task  and takes the man into confidence and counsels him for better and seamless co-existence of home and work place and to have a harmony that is holistic and not piecemeal.He evolves very soon and very little damage done.They are an example to day as a unit in diversity.

A man need not fight from outside but from within to  re-enginner the inner self of a brother whilst in the pursuit of helping women in general.

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