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December 29, 2012

My son just hit puberty. And though I had accepted the pro’s and con’s of being single mother a long
time ago, Never thought it would come to a point where I feel like ripping my hair apart over a beard.

My son just started shaving. And initially when I told him he could start shaving He did it each and every
day. And at first I thought he would continue doing so for the rest of his life. Li’l did I know that once he
reached college or actually once he could actually grow a whole Stubble/beard. He wouldn’t touch the
razor for weeks and even if he did it would be one of those buzz shavers which never gives his face a
clean shave like normal regular people.

After an age long debate on one fine Sunday, He told me how girls in his college told him that they like a
guy with a Stubble and “it’s cool ma” and more jargons I can’t remember and do not really understand.

I told him those girls don’t even know what they like or dislike and girls love a neat, clean and a tidy boy
over a rag picker like how he looked. Since he never really agreed on shaving. I used the only method I
knew , I’ll double your pocket money if you shave! But will give you half of your current on all the days
you have a stubble or a beard.

After a pondering over what I told him for a very long time, He walked into my room completely clean
shaven with an outstretched arm.

I was so happy to see my boy’s face that I gave him the extra money too but it sure was worth it!

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