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Please change our countries Capital!!!

September 22, 2012


Its a shame that we have a capital with such maniacs living here!!!

I was browsing the internet  and came across an article that read how a man became a victim of road rage in our national capital.His name was Punit Tandon and was returning home after having dinner with his family in the posh greater Kailash area.An Audi car came behind and was continuously honking.This annoyed the Tandons who were ahead in their Honda city car.A quarrel soon broke out between the two sides.It gradually lead to a fight.The men inside the Audi bashed Punit with a baseball bat.They got into the car and dragged Punit for almost 50 meters.I was surprised and shocked to read this article.Have humans become like animals??It’s a real shame that such incidents keep coming up time and again.It’s a disgrace.Have we become a nation of bullies?? What is wrong with people’s attitude ??

Today, people have become intolerant of each other.In the race of success we have forgotten to be humans.We have become more aggressive.There are increasing number of cases of road rage,rape and murders.In this fast and competitetive world it’s important to have a good attitude.It will help you to cope with the daily life affairs.Life would be so much easier if people were a little more polite and courteous.It’s time for us as a society to stand up against intolerant behaviour.We should change our negative attitude and be more patient,sympathetic and tolerant towards others.Negative attitude serves no good to you or others.


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